Oda Bultum University Student Union

Student union has been set up in the 1st semester of 2009 E.C and it is supported and supervised by dean of students.

One of the mandates of the union is to carry out problem solving.


The biggest aim of our vision is to be a leading and exemplary student union in Ethiopia.

The mission of the union is to create and maintain a vibrant and productive student organization and also to promote the positive involvement, equal participation and opportunity of female and physically challenged students in all appropriate activities of the union.

Student union has Three (3) executive parts and 10 senate organs.

1. OBU-SU President

2. OBU-SU Vice President

3. OBU-SU Secretary

4. OBU-SU Gender Affair

5. OBU-SU Health Affair

6. OBU-SU Cafeteria

7. OBU-SU  Discipline

8. OBU-SU Sport

9. OBU-SU Public Relation Affair

10. OBU-SU Special Needs Affair

11. OBU-SU Clubs Affair

12. OBU-SU Academic Affair

13. Dormitory Affair