Sexual & Reproductive Health Training for  female students

March 29,2019
OBU in collaboration with Cuso International held Sexual & Reproductive Health Training for the 1st year female students.
Oda Bultum University’s Office of Gender, HIV/AIDS and Special Needs Mainstream Directorate (GHSN) and the University Clinic in collaboration with Cuso International did carry out Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) training for First-Year Students in January 2019.

The goal of the training was for the students to gain new knowledge on SRH, have a discussion and find ways to navigate their time in the university while being aware and well-informed of their sexual and reproductive health.

The topics covered were; prevention of unwanted pregnancies, consequences of STI infections and risk taking behaviors, peer pressure influence, and effective use of contraceptives and condoms.

It was noted that students come from various backgrounds and are often uninformed on these topics,which often leads to them to be vulnerable to STIs, HIV, pregnancy, sexual abuse and psychological distress.

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