OBU Held Its First National Research Symposium

Oda Bultum University organized its first national research symposium on enhancing agricultural productivity and natural resource conservations for sustainable development. The event was undertaken for two days from June 22 to 23, 2o19.

The symposium was started with elders and religious leaders blessing. Following the spiritual leaders blessing, Mr. Alemayew Beyene, research and community engagement directorate director, disclosed that his office had invited research abstracts from Universities and other research centers in the country. However due to space, time and financial limitations only few of them were selected for the research symposium.

Dr AzageTegegne, from Ethiopian life stock institute, stated in his keynote speech, ‘’collapse of education is collapse of a nation’’ He added ’’Our education and research findings did little to solve our nation’s worsening problems from year to year. We have large population of cattle, sheep, goats and poultry but there is no beef, milk, eggs etc. Therefore, Dr Azage finally emphasized, we should be professional, committed and be ourselves to solve our nation very serious problems.’’

Following Dr Azage’s speech, researchers from various Universities presented their research findings. On the two days event 20 research papers were presented and scrutinized very carefully.

Finally the event was concluded by Dr. Muktar Mohammed, the president of the University, closing speech. In his speech he expressed that it was a great pleasure for him to thank the participants for bringing their expertise and experience there and engaging in such fruitful and constructive and open idea exchanges throughout the two days of their research symposium activities.

Compiled by Foreign and Public Relations Directorate

June, 23, 2019

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