Library and Documentation Directorate
Background Information
The current library was established under Chiro Agricultural Technical Vocational and Educational Training (ATVET) the then Haramaya University, Chiro Campus Library in 2010. The library has been also serving the students and the university’s community since it got the current name, OBU Library and Documentation Directorate, in 2015. It delivers a plenty of service for the researchers and students of different fields both in regular and extension programs.  It is a place of treasury of knowledge where plenty collections of books, journals and other printed materials were available for both academic and non academic purposes. Moreover, it has also an internet room where the students get the internet service for their academic tasks. 
Currently, lots of activities are initiated to automate and digitalize the library resource to make it easily accessible and developing integrated library management system that capable of managing the operations of more than one basic library functions.  In addition, we are thriving to link it to national libraries to easily share and access the information with/from sister institutions. Generally, the university is planned to make it center of knowledge where the required information can be accessed in all forms in the near future. 
The vision of the directorate is to be a nucleus of knowledge to support an academic and research activities in achieving sustainable development goals of the country.
To support teaching, learning and research activities through rendering a comprehensive and up to date reference materials in various formats with quality services.