Ethics and Anti corruption liaison Directorate vission , mission &Authority


Establishing good governance in OBU by creating an aware employee that is committed and cannot make corruption by 2035


Teaching and organizing management and employees of the university to struggle against corruption and impropriety 


Work to prevent corruption and impropriety so that an ethical and responsible staff can be made.Furthermore, the Directorate will give consulting services for the management of the university and report crimes to the federal Ethics and Anti-corruption according to the council of ministers’ proclamation No. 144/2000
promoting ethics and anti –corruption regulations being given due attention by the higher officials of the university ,
Investigating and preventing system gaps that allow corruption and impropriety
when corruption offences happen , investigate and report the case to the federal Ethics andAnti –corruption commission with  tangible evidences ,
follow up the university’s code of ethic to be respected and if rules are broken making a close supervision, investigate and report to the university’s higher officials or to the federal Ethics and Anti-corruption commission if nee

Monitoring and Evaluation

The following monitoring and evaluation strategies will be used to ensure the effective implementation of this 2010 to 2012 annual plan

  • Regular and continuous reporting and discussion on the progress of the plan with the university management.
  •  Physical observation and supervision by checklists.
  •  Monthly meeting and discussion with the university president.
  • Meeting and discussion with stakeholders.
  •   Checking through customer satisfaction survey
  • Deep investigation on whistle blows and close follow up supervision.
  • Continuous meeting and discussion with 1:5 development army.
 Staff Members
Milkeso Desiso  
            Ethics and ant corruption Directorate Director
Tangut Negash
              Ethics and ant corruption officer
                  Email    abel.tangut@gmail.acom   
Yodit Worku
          Office Manager
 Ephrem Habtamu
               Comlaint Handler officer
 Tirengo Deribu
                 Ethics and ant corruption officer