Background of the college
Oda Bultum University is one of the universities in Eastern Ethiopia which is newly established and starts its work officially since its taking apart from Haramaya University in December 2015. Accordingly, the Colleges also among the institutions and colleges launched in the university and which has started its work since the beginning of the new academic year 2018/2019.  It has 26male and female totally 31 staff members with various specialization and all the staffs are MA/Ms holder. The college has five departments listed below:
 1) Geography and Environmental Studies,
2) History & Heritage Management Department,
3) English Language & Literature,
4) Civics & Ethical Studies and
5) Oromo Folklore and Literature.
 Having the mission and vision stated here beloweach of the department has prepared to obtain the students belong to the respected department in the given academic year.
 The Mission of the College        
The Missionof the College is to train an ethical, competent and reasonable graduate who is inspired to serve the community’s based on their accumulated knowledge and experience through conducting a research.
The Vision of College
The vision of the college is to be one among the leading colleges in Oda Bultum and other universities in Ethiopia by 2035.