About the College of Agriculture
The present Oda Bultum University has obtained its name from Asebe Teferi Agricultural School which was established in 1986 with the objective to generate middle level skilled manpower that was certified in General Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization after 3 years training. After 16 years of service, in 2002,  the Agricultural School was upgraded and named as Chiro Agricultural Technical Vocational and Educational Training College under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to produce middle level skilled and competent DAs at diploma level. Before named as Oda Bultum University, the Agricultural Technical Vocational and Educational Training was also upgraded to College of Agro-industry and Land Resource under the umbrella of Haramaya University in 2010/11. Then after it was engaged in offering four regular undergraduate degree programs and three special Bega programs in collaboration with Oromia Regional State and become independent university in November 2016 that proceed to offering regular and  Special Bega undergraduate degree program.
College of Agriculture, founded/reorganized in December 2016, is dedicated for advancing Agricultural development of the country through producing competent, skillful generation, solving bottle neck problem and strives for the communities. The college trains high quality professionals in broad areas of agriculture at undergraduate level.
The college sustains the values of educational significance, transparency, accountability, and gender mainstreaming, equity and stakeholder participation.
Parallel with this, the staffs members of the college are undertaking various research activities. Most of the research activities are in the areas of Socio-Economics, Root and Tuber Crops, Plant protection, grain crops, mushroom, Beef and Dairy Cattle, Poultry, Apiculture and animal health. Furthermore, the staff members of the college are take part in various community activities like providing trainings to farmers and development workers, on-farm demonstrations of improved technologies; basic seed multiplication, distribution of basic seed and moveable poultry house along with improved chicken breed.
The vision of the College is to be a center of excellence in teaching, research and community engagement in Agriculture through efficient and effective utilization the limited available resources and become the top in the country and known in East Africa by 2035
The mission of the College is to produce highly qualified professionals in agriculture through rigorous theoretical and practical education and to develop and disseminate problem solving agricultural production technologies through conducting demand-driven research in the university mandate area.
About the Academic Program
Brief overview
Currently, college offers three different training programs for three years in the field of Agriculture namely Animal Science, Agricultural economics and Plant Science. On top of this, the college is also delivering upgrading program for diploma holder of DAs in the field of Animal and Plant Science in collaboration with Oromia Regional State of Agricultural Bureau for two and half years in case of regular program and five year for Special Bega (Summer) program.
 By the coming one to two years, the college will launch an additional department and would upgraded the department to the school level at undergraduate level namely School of Animal, Rangeland and Wildlife Science that encompasses Animal Science and Rangeland and Wildlife Management department, School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness comprising Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Value Chain Management department and school of plant science comprising plant science and Horticulture department. Furthermore, the college will planned to launch Meat Production and Technology program at graduate level under the School of Animal, Rangeland and Wildlife Science. 

Academic Staff Profile 

Name of Depart



Technical Assistance BSc Degree MSc degree PhD Staffs currently on duty Staffs currently on education
Animal Science 1 0 2 0 10 0 1 0 11 0 3 0
Agricultural Economics 0 0 1 0 6 2 0 0 6 2 1 0
Plant Science 2 1 2 1 6 0 0 0 9 2 1 0
Total 3 1 7 1 22 2 1 0 26 4 5 0

College of Agriculture Staffs Address

No Full name of COA staffs Academic Rank email address Remark
1 Alefe Takele Lecturer alefe26a@gmail.com
2 Ahimedin Abdureman Lecturer ahmedin133@gmail.com
3 Mohammed Seid Lecturer mohammedsd@gmail.com
4 Nasir Abdureman TA nabdurahman53@gmail.com
5 Keyiru Lailemu Lecturer laillamkeru0911@gmail.com
6 Wendweson Belachew Lecturer wendbelachew@gmail.com
7 Temesgen Terefe Lecturer temesgenterefeaga@gmail.com
8 Sisay Lemma Lecturer sisay.lemma2000@gmai.com
9 Dr. Umer Seid Lecturer omerseid76@gmail.com
10 Bezahegn Abebe Lecturer bezahegn@gmail.com
11 Dr.Yesihak Yusuf Lecturer yesihakyus@gmail.com
12 Waktola Mosisa Lecturer oromia.mosisa@yahoo.com
13 Belay Dinsa Lecturer wakjira@yahoo.com
14 Meseret Elias Lecturer gtel2008@yahoo.com
15 Mustefa Addulkadir Lecturer abiwaumi2003@gmail.com
16 Getahun Lamessa Lecturer getulemmi@yahoo.com
17 Shibiru Temesgen Graduate Assistant Kemiteme2014@gmail.com
18 Leyla Nasir Graduate Assistant Leyunas@gmail.com
19 Chala Lemma Graduate Assistant chalalemma1@gmail.com
20 Almaz Sebsibe TA
21 Bekele Diriba TA
22 Wondwoson Sime TA wandukoo2008@gmail.com
23 Adunea Dinku Lecturer
24 Tekalegn Diyana Lecturer tekalignkb@gmail.com
25 Abiyot Solomon Graduate Assistant abiyots@gmail.com
26 Azeb Lemma Lecturer azeblemma13@gmail.com
27 Muhammed Sheko Lecturer shekomuhammed@yahoo.com
28 Firew Hailemariam Lecturer hmfirew4@gmail.com
29 Meftu Abdi Lecturer
30 Zegeyesh Taye Lecturer zegeyesh.taye4@gmail.com
31 Adunea Dinku Lecturer
32 Aman Keniso Lecturer Ph candidate
33 Zelalem Bekeko Lecturer Ph candidate
34 Zelalem Tesfaye Lecturer Ph candidate
35 Timketa Dagne Lecturer timketadagne@gmail.com Ph candidate
36 Daniel Tadesse Lecturer dantaddesse@gmail.com Ph candidate

Student Profile

Currently, there are about 192(100M and 92F) regular and 198(173 M and 25F) regular and 478(225 M and 111F) Special Bega DA upgrading program students registered in the College. Facilities of College of Agriculture Facilities of the Animal Science Department A.General Laboratory Animal Farms Beef farm Dairy farm Poultry farm Fish farm Apiary farm Forage Site Facilities of the Plant Science Department General laboratory Demonstration farm Coffee plantation Fruit plantation Vegetable

Contact Address:

College of Agriculture,

Oda Bultum University Telephone: +251256513038 P.O. Box 226,Chiro,Ethiopia

Contact person Mr. Sisay Lemma

Dean, College of Agriculture,

Oda Bultum University Email: sisay.lemma2000@gmail.com

Office Telephone: +251256513038

Contact person of the respective Departments Mr. Bezahegn Abebe,

Head,Animal Science Department Email: bezahegn@gmail.com

Office Telephone: +251256510039

Mr. Tekalegn Diyana  ,Head,Agricultural Economics Department Email: tekalignkb@gmail.com

Office Telephone: +251256510038 Mr. Waktola Mosisa,

Head, Plant Science Department Email: oromia.mosisa@yahoo.com Office Telephone: +251255512156