Thematic Area and Research Activities

Thematic 1: Crop and Forage Production Improvement

Activity 1: On-Farm Demonstration of Newly Released Highland Sorghum Technologies
Activity 2: On-Farm Demonstration of Desho Grass Technologies under Soil Bunds

Thematic 2: Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture    

Activity 1: Demonstration of Fruit and Vegetable Technologies in Home Garden Areas
Activity 2: On-Farm Demonstration of Papaya Technologies
Activity 3: Demonstration of Food Type Common Bean Technologies

Thematic 3: Pre-Scaling of Crop Varieties and Crop Management

Activity 1: Pre-Scaling of Maize Technologies
Activity 2: Pre-Scaling of Early Maturing and Striga Resistant Sorghum Technologies
Activity 3: Pre-Scaling of Chickpea Technologies
Activity 4: Pre-Scaling of Market Type Haricot Bean Technologies

Thematic 4: Social Inclusion

Activity 1: Demonstration of Improved Chicken Breeds for Poor Women Farmers

 Thematic 5: Quality Seed Production, Access, and Availability

Thematic 6: Creating Linkage between Market and Seed Producers

Activity 1: Establishing Seed Producer Groups on Major Crop Seed Productions and Marketing

Thematic 7: Capacity Development for Best Fit Practice Dissemination

Activity 1: TOT in Quality Seed Production, Value Addition and Marketing
Activity2: Enhancing the Capacity of Partners to Support Local Seed Businesses in Quality Seed Production and Marketing as Well as Seed Systems Development