OBU Organized Research Review

April 21, 2019

Oda Bultum University organized its first annual research review .The event was undertaken for two days from April 19 – 20, 2019 in the university.

Dr Yekin Ahmed,Vice President for Academic and Research,  on his welcoming speech remarked that Oda Bultum University  has been widely involved in research and community service activities  since its inauguration as one of full pledged higher institution on 26th of Dec 2015.

Mr Alemayew  Beyene, Research and Community Engagement Directorate  Director. Presented the performance of OBU  both in research and community service activities in detail. According to him OBU has identified 7 major and 25 sub thematic research areas. He added from the total 246 research projects submitted in the past three years, 161 of them were funded. From these funded research projects 38 of them are currently completed. He also noted that 64 of these researches are going to be completed in June 2019 and the remaining 59 of them will be completed in June 2020.

As far as community engagement activities are concerned, Mr. Alemayehu said in 2016/2017 about 12 community engagement activities were implemented. These activities were risen to 15 in 2017/2018. Alemayehu stressed that OBU has provided about 36 capacity building and awareness creating activities in the past three years.

Mr mustefa Abdulkadir, from BENEFIT -ISSD and BENEFIT-REALISE Ethiopia, on his part presented about what OBU is doing in collaboration with his organization. Mr Mustefa said Signing memorandum of understanding to jointly work, they have been engaged in different community supporting activities specially focusing on multiplication of best fit agricultural practice in different Woredas of west Hararghe zone.

The last presenter was Mrs Kerima Rahmeto, continuing and distance education Directorate Director. As she stated OBU is not only helping  in solving  the community  problems through its different community engagement  activities but it is also striving to provide  accessible quality  higher education and produce competent human power by  providing integrated training  and open learning through summer, continuing and distance education programs.

The presentations were followed by different questions and comments raised  from the participants. They were addressed by Dr Yekin Ahmed, the A/S/V/ President and Dr Dereje Wolteji, from Oromia Agricultural Research Institute.

After most of the questions and comments are addressed, the completed research review has openly started in two parallel session’s .On the two days event those 38 papers were presented and scrutinized very carefully.

Finally the event was concluded by Dr. Muktar Mohammed, the president of the University, closing speech. In his speech he expressed that it was a great pleasure for him to thank the participants for bringing their expertise and experience there and engaging in such fruitful and constructive and open idea exchanges throughout the two days of their research review activities.

By Foreign and Public Relations Directorate


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