Peace Forum Held in Oda Bultum University

OBU April 15,2019
Oda Bultum University students in collaboration with the University administration held a peace forum on April 13,2019G.C. On the official launching ceremony of the peace forum  Dr Yekin Ahmed  ,Academic and Research Vice  President of Oda Bultum University, appreciated the students and  whole community  in general  for  their commitment  in  sustaining  peace and security  in the  campus.

Ato  Fresenbet  Wondosen,from  Federal  Ministry  of  Peace,  stated  in his panel presentation  Peace isn’t  only  absence  of war but simultaneous  presence of many  desirable state of mind and society such as  harmony, justice, equity and so on. However, Ato  Fresenbet  noted  it  could  be achieved  only  by  establishment  of  non-exploitative  social structure  and a determination to work  towards  that  goal. He further noted that government has already started to build such social structure. Yet, that complex mission could not be accomplished unless higher institution like Oda Bultum University and the community at large participate actively. He added Of course the University and Hararghe community are playing their own part. He to appreciate exemplary work the University and the community did on the behalf of Ministry of Peace.

The panel presentation was followed by different questions and comments raised by participants. Then panelist addressed the questions and comments raised .Finally after prizes have been awarded to different individuals for their extraordinary efforts to carry out their respective task duty, the peace forum was concluded by elders blessing.

by Fekadu Erko

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